Lapidary Works of Art and Ivories

Russian balalaika player

    Russian balalaika player

    Germany, Idar-Oberstein

    20th century

    Dreher, Paul

    Lapis lazuli, jasper, chalcedony, sapphires, enamel, gold; carving, polishing

    Height 12.7 cm


    Russian balalaika player is sitting on a bench carved from Russian petrified wood. His shirt is carved from black, patterned "Picasso" jasper, the trousers are from lapis lazuli, the shoes - from red South African jasper. The face, hands and stockings are carved from translucent beige chalcedony. His belt is a rope twist tassel of yellow gold, as well as the lacings in his shoes. The body of the balalaika is gold vermeil, the fingerboard is silver and the strings are golden.