Lapidary Works of Art and Ivories

Composition "Hamster with harvest" with musical movement

    Composition "Hamster with harvest" with musical movement

    Germany, Idar-Obershtain

    The 20th century

    Wild, Manfred

    Agate, rhodochrosite, Jasper, 18K gold; carving, polishing

    Length 40.6 cm


    Whimsical composition depicting a hamster as coachman with a team of four mice pulling the cart of harvest fruit. The coachman and mice are carved of translucent Brazilian brown agate, the raspberries are carved from rhodochrosite, the walnuts and the cart of jasper. The lavish fittings, reins and accessories as well as the tails of the mice are 18K yellow gold. The movement plays the well-known tune "Happy Birthday to you".