Russian Enamel

Pair of single-candle candlesticks

    Pair of single-candle candlesticks

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Maria Sokolova workshop

    Silver, enamel, lapis lazuli; casting, enamel over guilloché, forge rolling, carving, grinding, gilding

    Height 13.5 (each)

    Mark of workshop “М.С.”; certification marks of Moscow district Assay department in 1908-1917, silver alloy “84”


    Paired silver candlesticks in the Neoclassical style, for one candle each. Both stems are in the shape of smooth column, covered with transparent blue enamel over guilloche "checkered" background, with gilded inside, smooth cone-shaped candle cups with slightly bent edge. Ribbed hemispherical lapis lazuli base is enclosed in the stylized Lictor’s rod frame with crossed ribbons. The base is fixed on three silver cast corrugated feet.