Russian Enamel

Spoon for a left-hander with floral ornament

    Spoon for a left-hander with floral ornament

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Last quarter of the 19th century

    Antip Kuzmichev bronze and silverware factory

    Silver, enamel; champlevé enamel, gilding, engraving

    Length 18 cm

    Marks: "АК"; Moscow city mark with alloy "88"


    A spoon for left-handed people, used for retraining them into right-handed ones. The oval deep spoon cup in relation to the partially rounded twisted stem with a flat expanding end is at an angle of 90 degrees. The cup external side is decorated with a simplified image of a lily, the pattern of which is formed of three registers filled with foliage geometric pattern with the inclusion of a multi-petal rosette and the monogram "S∙J∙R". The enamel image of a simplified lily decorates the cup inner side. The flat expanding end of the handle, outlined by enamel frame, is decorated with a floral ornament of scrolls with flowers at the ends. The enamels color scheme is based on a combination of white, turquoise, red and blue shades.