Russian Enamel

Casket-teremok (small tower) with the image of griffins

    Casket-teremok (small tower) with the image of griffins

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Early 20th century

    Imperial Stroganov College

    Copper, enamel; silvering, filigree enamel, repousse

    10.8 x 10.7 x 8.4 cm


    Rectangular casket-teremok with hipped hinged lid with a flat top, made in the style of the 17th century. The casket front and rear sides are decorated with enamel composition on repousse background with the images of griffins located on both sides of the stylized flower, facing each other. Enamel on filigree foliage patterns featuring the image of a Christmas tree, filled with filigree rings with green and blue enamels and fancy flowers with curled leaves diverging to the right and left, on repousse background are on the lateral sides. The lid is adorned with enamel patterns of triangles filled with rings, framed with floral curls and enclosed in the circle of multi-petal rosettes with curling leaves diverging to the sides, in mirror symmetry. The enamels color scheme is based on a combination of turquoise, blue, orange, brown and green shades.