Russian Enamel



    Russia, Moscow


    Rückert Friedrich workshop

    Silver, enamel; gilding, enamel over filigree, amalgam

    Height 16 cm, length 33 cm

    Marks: "ФР; tee of Moscow District Assay Administration with alloy number "88"; ID mark of Moscow District Assay Administration; tee of the Moscow Assay institution of the Soviet period, after 1917, with alloy number "916"


    A ladle-shaped bucket, with high rounded sides, with handle in the shape of a boot, on a base, made in the Neo-Russian style. The handle of the bucket is decorated with abstract scanned patterns, large stylized flower and C-shaped curls. Patterns are painted with enamels of lilac-violet, beige-brown and cold green colors. The walls of the bucket are decorated with floral-geometric ornaments with the image of spirals, hanging thin stems with berries, triangles made of multicolor enamel on filigree with small balls of grain. The main ornamental motif is large circle formed by abstract details - rays, squares and triangles, with cabochon inserts of green stones in the center. The color of enamels is based on the combination of white, brown, blue, green, lilac and beige colors with numerous shades. A curly strip of burgundy-brown enamel with transparent lilac-colored cabochon inserts is beneath the crown.