Russian Enamel



    Russia, St. Petersburg

    Last quarter of the 19th century

    Silver; gilding, filigree, cloisonne enamel

    Height 5.6 cm

    Marks: illegible firm mark and tee of St. Petersburg district Assay Administration 1908-1917, "84"; "ЛПУ"; "59455"


    Round stoup with high bulging in the bottom sides, decorated with the Russian style by polychrome enamel over filigree. The stoup body is decorated with medallions with interlaced stylized images of roosters facing each other and foliage patterns on turquoise background. The space between the medallions is filled with floral ornaments arranged on white background. Enamel belt of geometric ornament (braid and ornately-shaped rosette) on black background crowns the stoup. Wide belt of scrolled curls on black enamel background and narrow belt of zigzag ornament on turquoise background decorate the bottom surface of the stoup. The enamels colour scheme is based on the combination of turquoise, blue, navy, green, white, pink, red, purple and black shades.