Russian Enamel

Tablemat with the image of an angel

    Tablemat with the image of an angel

    France, Paris


    Tenisheva, Maria

    Bronze; champlevé enamel, patination

    Diameter 49.8 cm

    M.Tenisheva's monogram on the tablemat mirror: "МТ"


    Round tablemat with wide sideboard, on low circular leg decorated with polychrome enamels in the Neo-Russian style. The center of the tablemat features the stylized image of a flying angel with a scroll in his hand, announcing the event defined with the dates 1892-1907. Angel's clothing ends with a whorl. The tablemat sideboard is decorated with quatrefoiled flowers and leaves. The enamels' colour scheme is based on the combination of black, white, blue, violet, brown, light-yellow and shades of purple and green.