Russian Enamel

Ladle with enamel miniature "The Russian boxing"

    Ladle with enamel miniature "The Russian boxing"

    Russia, Moscow


    Lorie, Fyodor firm, Egor Cheryatov gold and silverware factory

    Silver, enamel, ornamental stones (cabochons); casting, chasing, gilding, painted en plein enamel

    Height 26.5 cm; length 45 cm

    Marks: "Ф.А.ЛОРIЕ", "Е.Ч"; tee of Moscow District Assay department 1908-1917 with silver alloy "84" and Greek letter "Delta"


    Oval ladle with high rounded sides, with ornately shaped handle of irregular shape, in the Neo Russian style. The ladle body is decorated with painted insert with the image of a seated Tsar, surrounded by boyars, watching a fighting tournament. The ladle handle and walls are decorated with relief fancy flowers and leaves with inclusions of coloured cabochon stones. The crown is accented with a row of beads.