Russian Enamel

Glass holder

    Glass holder

    Russia, Moscow


    Ovchinnikov factory

    Silver; champleve enamel, punchwork, gold plating

    Height 8.5 cm

    Marks: "P.OVCHINNIKOV", "P.O."; "V.S / 1877", "91", Moscow city emblem


    Cylindrical glass holder on profiled circular belled-out base, with geometrized handle ornated with champleve enamel. The body is decorated with a wide stripe of big punched diamond ornament with red and blue enamel rosettes inside. The glass holder base, as well as the top and the bottom parts of the body are decorated with stripes of geometric ornament with navy, blue, green, white, black and red enamel. Enamel pattern on the handle consists of two flat horizontal stripes joint with vertical peg with a baluster in the centre. The glass holder is made in the Russian style.