Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case with onlay details

    Cigarette case with onlay details

    Poland, Warsaw

    The 1920s

    Silver, gold, enamel, diamonds; guilloche, enamel over engraving (carving), engraving

    7.1 х 5.1 х 1.0 cm

    Maker’s mark “SS”; Polish mark in the 1920s with the letter code "W" (for Warsaw) and number "2" corresponding to alloy "875"


    Silver rectangular cigarette case with hinged lid, snap shutter and thumb ramp. The case is divided into three parts by zigzag pattern and covered with guilloche fine mesh. The lid is decorated with onlay silver details in the shape of origami bird figurine, letter “N” and numeral “7” in rectangular frames, two enamel shields with the image of Polish Ślepowron coat of arms and Leliwa coat of arms. The engraved date is on the hinged lid inner side «19 15 / V 33". The snap shutter is adorned with “rose” cut diamonds.