Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Cigarette case

    Cigarette case

    USSR, Leningrad


    Comradeship "IZO" (or Workshop attached to "Proletcult Fine Arts Studio")

    Silver; filigree enamel, filigree, repousse, gilding

    8.0 х 5.9 х 0.9 см

    Marks: ""ИЗО"; identification mark and tee of Leningrad District Assay office in 1927-1946, silver alloy "916"


    Silver cigarette case, gilded inside, of rectangular shape, with a hinged lid. The surface of the cigarette case is decorated with an enamel pattern in the Art Nouveau style. The pattern consists of a large stylized daisy flower with white and yellow petals on the background of small filigree rings with white enamel, framed by turquoise-black curls on both sides. The enamels’ colour scheme is based on combinations of turquoise, black, yellow and white shades.