Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with Alexander I Coronation Medal

    Snuffbox with Alexander I Coronation Medal



    Medallists: Carl Leberecht (obverse), Carl Meissner (reverse)

    Silver; chasing, chiselling, gilding

    Height - 2.0 cm; diameter -7.8 cm

    Marks: "Л.К /1804"; "84"

    Silver round gilded snuffbox with a detachable lid. Alexander I Coronation Medal of 1801 is built-in the lid. The portrait of Emperor Alexander I is on the obverse and an allegorical image with the inscription "ЗАЛОГЪ БЛАЖЕНСТВА ВСѢХ И КАЖДОГО" is on the reverse. The medal is framed with a carved inscription along the lid edge: “СÎЯ МЕДАЛЬ. 1. СОРТУ. ЖАЛОВА. ПРИВЫСОЧАИ. КОРОНА. БЫВШЕ. ДЕПУТАТО. АСТРАХАН. КУПЦУ. СЕРГЕЮ. СЕДОВУ”. The snuffbox sides are decorated with geometric ornaments and images of military trophies. A composition framed by a strip of floral ornament, comprised of an oval medallion filled with rhombs, surrounded by military banners and trophies is on the box bottom. The medallion is crowned by a bicorne (?) with plume. A medal with initials "JE" is hanging on ribbons beneath the medallion.