Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Сigarette case

    Сigarette case

    Russia, Cigarette case - Zlatoust (?); onlays- St. Petersburg

    Early 20th century

    Steel, gold, silver; blueing, polishing, casting, chasing

    10.5 х 6.5 х 1.5 cm

    Marks (on the onlays) "АО"; St. Petersburg District Assay office tee 1899-1908 with alloy number "56"


    Rectangular cigarette case made from blued steel, with rounded sides, with two compartments for cigarettes (large) and matches (small, on the front side), with two hinged lids, one of which with special plate for ignition. The top lid is decorated with silver onlay monogram "ML" under a coronet that is framed by onlay gold images of three soldiers related to the period of World War I. Letter "T" is engraved on the lid internal side. Diagonally placed silver cast monogram "EM" under the stylized coronet is on the cigarette case bottom. An aperture for a wick is on the bottom.

    Onlays depicting soldiers of the First World War period might have been created later than the cigarette case with silver monogram onlays was manufectured. Probably, the choice of the onlays' topic was due to the participation of the cigarette case owner in the military actions of 1914.