Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with grisaille medallions

    Snuffbox with grisaille medallions

    France, Paris


    Jean-Joseph Barriére

    Gold, enamel; chasing, grisaille

    3.2 х 6.2 х 4.65 cm, 91 gr

    Maker's mark "J.В.", city of Paris 1768; on the welt "577"; two illegible marks


    Gold oval snuffbox with a hinged lid. Vertical oval grisaille style medallions with an image of a young man holding a wreath over a bird sitting on a pedestal in the form of classical column is on the lid. An image of a dancing girl with flowers is on the bottom. The case is decorated with horizontal gold strips with floral ornamentation, ribbons and oval enamel inserts imitating lapis lazuli.