Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with the portrait of Crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich

    Snuffbox with the portrait of Crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Miniature by A.M. Wergner, Köchly Frédéric

    Gold, diamonds; chasing, painting

    10.2 х 6.3 х 3.1 cm, 275 gr

    Master's mark: "F.K."; miniature signed in Cyrillic on the vertical left bottom corner above the shoulder Wergner («ВЕГНЕРЪ»)


    Gold rectangular diamond and enamelled Imperial presentation snuffbox, with rounded corners, top panel with large central vertical oval plaque depicting a miniature portrait of the Crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich, the future Tsar Nikolai II (1868-1919), wearing red military jacket with a band and a star of the Order of Saint Andrew, founded by the Emperor Peter the Great in 1698 and a badge of the Order of Saint George, founded by the Empress Catherine the Great in 1769, within a cushion old European-cut diamond lined border, topped by a diamond Imperial crown and flanked by the interlaced Arabesqy scroll pattern, also set with diamonds on polished gold ground, all with a shaped raised reeded border, the rear side with protruding hinge, the front one - with protruding shaped thumb ramp, the side and base chased and decorated with horizontal reeding, all within the raised polished edge.