Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with an image of Roman soldier

    Snuffbox with an image of Roman soldier

    Germany, Hanau or Berlin


    Gold; chasing, grisaille, enamel over guilloche

    2.1 х 8.3 cm, 173 gr

    Master's mark: top and bottom interior lids with "F.J." The master is not known or confirmed, previously wrongly attributed. Top and bottom lids' interior sides with further three marks, bottom interior edge with "788" and two marks


    Gold circular gold and enamelled snuffbox with central vertical oval raised plaque depicting en grisaille a Roman soldier and too men in an open colonnade within a bright cut and white opaque enamel border on translucent blue enamel background over a sunburst engine-turning with gold paillon border within a fine gold and white enamel edge and framed by seed pearls, the sides and bottom similarly decorated.