Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with the image of mountain landscape

    Snuffbox with the image of mountain landscape

    Germany, Hanau or Berlin

    Circa 1815

    Gold, enamel; chasing, engraving, painting

    1.5 х 9.9 х 5.2 cm, 124 gr

    Master's mark: "F.J." (unknown); "4945", seven marks. On the lid inner side the later inscription in German and the date: 28 April 1885


    Gold rectangular snuffbox with cut corners and hinged lid. Oval plaque with mountain landscape is on the lid. The river, a fisherman and a shepherd are depicted on the enamel picture. The image is bordered by two white and blue enamel cornucopia that are full of fruit. The corners' bottom parts are decorated with the engraved ornament resembling divergent sun rays. The bottom and lateral surfaces are decorated with enamel panels in the form of white ribbon with flowers and golden engraved ornament framed with blue and white stripes.