Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox "Fountain of Love"

    Snuffbox "Fountain of Love"

    Germany, Hanau or Berlin

    circa 1815

    Gold, enamel; chasing, engraving, painting

    1.4 х 8.8 х 5.8 cm, 115 gr

    Master's mark: "F.J."; two marks "ET"; "6092"

    Gold rectangular snuffbox with cut corners and a hinged lid. An octagonal plaque with an image of a Fragonard Jean Honouree's picture "The Fountain of Love" featuring a couple in love that is playing near the Cupid's fountain is on the lid. Smaller black enamel plaques with white edging on both sides are on the plaque sides. The golden border with floral patterns surrounds the image. The lateral sides are decorated with black enamel panels with white edging. White and gold enamel floral ornament is in the corners. A rectangular plaque with an image of a classic bowl with water and four pigeons on black background in white and gold enamel floral ornamented frame is on the box rear side.