Snuffboxes and Сigarette Сases

Snuffbox with enamel image of Eurykleia waking Penelope

    Snuffbox with enamel image of Eurykleia waking Penelope

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Jean-Georges Rémond & Company

    Gold, enamel; chasing, engraving, guilloche, painting

    1.4 х 9.4 х 6.5 cm, 118 gr

    Two marks of the firm: "G. R. & C." and "V"

    Gold rectangular snuffbox with cut corners and a hinged lid. An oval miniature depicting Eurykleia (a foster-nurse of Odysseus) waking Penelope is depicted on the lid. It is bordered by dark-blue enamel frame. The case is decorated with a relief golden ornament in the form of a flower-vine, enlacing the stylized columns, with rosettes in the corners. Lateral sides are decorated by guilloche dark-blue panels with the images of ovals and quatrefoil leaves. Blue and gold urns on black background are in the corners. The rear side is decorated with dark-blue guilloche panel with images of stylized palm branches. The branches are surrounded by white-blue geometric pattern, alternating with gold floral inserts on black background.