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Bonbonnière with flowers

    Bonbonnière with flowers

    France, Paris


    Jean-François Delanoy

    Gold, tortoise shell; chasing, enamel over guilloche, coloured enamels painting

    2.35 х 6.1 cm, 95 gr

    Maker's mark JD (F); charge and discharge marks of Henry Clavel; city of Paris 1787


    Circular gold and enamel snuffbox, the lid applied with a cut-cornered rectangular plaque of a multicoloured paillon floral cluster, the ground of translucent blue enamel scattered with paillon stars, the borders chased with flowering urns and scrolls, tortoise shell lining. Jean-François Delanoy entered his mark in 1785 sponsored by Nicolas-Joseph Mauguier and is recorded as working in the rue St Martin until 1787 and the rue St Denis until 1793. He was one of at least five members of his family who worked as sertisseurs, goldsmiths who specialized in setting and mounting.