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Cuff links (a pair)

    Cuff links (a pair)

    Russia, St Petersburg


    Henrik Wigström workshop

    Gold, sapphires; tooling, guilloche enamel

    1 х 1.5 cm

    Master's mark: "HW", tee of St. Petersburg district Hallmark Department: "56" for fineness of gold ; mark of 1920-1930's "585"; hallmark for products imported to Estonia – lion going left


    Golden cuff links with convex surface have extended oval shape, slantindicularly split with tooled stylized foliaged frieze which makes two halves. One of them is smooth, polished and decorated with a round blue cabochone, the second - is decorated with light blue enamel on guilloche wave-shaped background. The cuff links stem and bottom are smooth, the bottom parts have sharp oval shape.