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Box for toothpicks

    Box for toothpicks


    Сirca 1810

    Gold; chasing, coloured enamels painting

    0.8 х 8.6 х 2.9 cm, 31 gr

    Two illegible marks, later import French ET


    Gold oval box for toothpicks with a hinged lid. A rectangular plaque with a picture of a rural landscape with ruins on the background of divergent sun rays is on the lid. It is surrounded by thin golden chased frame, three black triangles with gold ornamented rhombs and gold stylized leaves and white enamel frame. The lateral side is decorated with black rectangular enamel plaque with gold rhombuses ornament and gold geometric ornament with white enamel edging. The basement is decorated with a rectangular plaque, covered with dark blue translucent enamel over guilloche background with a pattern in the form of a branch with fruit, bordered by a similar frame as on the lid.