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Decoration for corsage "Dragonfly girl"

    Decoration for corsage "Dragonfly girl"

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Lorie, Fyodor firm

    14K gold, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, cloisonné enamel

    Maker's mark: «ФЛ»; gold alloy «56»; Moscow city mark of 1899-1908


    Golden corsage decoration in the shape of a dragonfly girl with her hands up, holding two golden stag beetles with outspread wings made of pink enamel, with emerald bodies and diamond heads. The wings made of cloisonné enamel of purple and violet colours are pointed downwards and decorated with lozenge-shaped emerald cabochons and round diamonds. The body is comprised of alternating chains: golden with purple enamel, with one round diamond in the center and lozenge-shaped emerald cabochons, which become smaller to the tip of the tail. The tail ends with five round diamonds and large emerald cabochon. The head of the girl is crowned by two oval sapphire cabochons imitating dragonfly's eyes. The decoration is fixed on green lace with clasp. The item is stored in the authentic brown leather case lined with cream-coloured satin, with coat of arms and the inscription "FABERGÉ, St Petersburg, Moscow, Odessa"