Western European Metal Artworks




    Middle of the 19th century

    Silver, glass; faceting, chasing, engraving, gilding

    Height 30 cm

    Marks: “walking lion on rectangular panel with bevelled upper and rounded lower corners (British standard assay mark for silver alloy 925); "leopard’s head" on the panel with bevelled upper and lower corners (London city mark for silverware from 1822 to the present); profile of Queen Victoria facing left, placed in oval; "G" - yearly mark of 1842-1843; maker’s mark: "JCE"


    Glass decanter with silver rimmed neck with spout, hinged lid, handle and a belt in the Naturalism style. The decanter spherical body gradually turning into high cylindrical neck is ornamented with small-size foliage pattern featuring fruit, grape and pineapple leaves. The decanter ring-shaped neck rim is imitating fruit and grapes’ leaves; the handle is in the shape of vine. The belt on the decanter body is smooth and free of decor.