Western European Metal Artworks

Toiletry set of three bottles

    Toiletry set of three bottles

    France, Paris

    late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Baccarat Company; Leon Gerio firm

    Crystal, silver; faceting, casting, chasing, gilding

    Height 18 cm (two bottles); height 16 cm (one bottle)

    Marks: "BACCARAT", "LG", Paris assay mark


    Cylindrical crystal bottles with ground stoppers and the Art Nouveau style silver removable lids. The surface of the bottles is decorated with alternating smooth  stripes and diamond faceted diagonally arranged stripes, that is typical of the Baccarat crystal glassware company. Smooth globular lids  are made at Leon Gerio' factory, they are decorated  with onlayed figurines of frogs. The tradition this kind of decoration dates back to the Renaissance silver metal artworks , namely the works of Nuremberg silversmiths of the 16th century.

    Such toiletry sets were used for storing toilet water or aromatic vinegar, and, due to their pragmatic use, were a common gift in those days.
    Leob Gerio works are considered the  extraordinary rarity in the global antiques market, as well as the Baccarat Company art crystal.


    Инв.173/ДПИ, Инв.174/ДПИ, Инв.175/ДПИ