Russian Metal Artworks

Writing set with the figurine of Cupids

    Writing set with the figurine of Cupids

    Russian Empire

    The 1830-1840s

    Bronze, malachite mosaic; casting, gilding, chasing

    13.5 x 24.2 x 11.9 cm


    Two Cupids' figurines are fixed on rectangular stepped base revetted Figurines are facing each other and stretching the hands to the tree standing between them with two kissing birds sitting on it. The composition is made of gilded bronze and is placed on the raised platform. Cylindrical sandbox made of gilded bronze with detachable reservoir and inkwell with small detachable glass and a lid with grip; stylized shell is between them. The surfaces of the inkpot and sandbox are decorated with the ancient style pattern ornament; the lid decorated with acanthus leaves has bud-shaped finial.