Russian Metal Artworks

Ladle-shaped vase

    Ladle-shaped vase

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    The 14th Moscow jewelers artel

    Silver, crystal, chrysoprase; cutting, casting, engraving

    14.6 x 31.0 x 13.5 cm

    Marks: artel – “14A”; certification marks of Moscow district Assay office in 1908-1917; silver alloy “84”


    Colorless crystal, ladle-shaped vase with scalloped edge, diamond cut and notches faceted, with silver "nose" and stern-shaped handle. The monogram “БМ” is on the ladle nose smooth surface. It is made in the form of volute with two green cabochons' inserts. The embossed bust portreit a boyar in fur coat and hat is on the handle base. The ladle is made in the Neo Russian style.