Russian Metal Artworks



    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver, crystal; faceting, casting, gilding, chasing, forge-rolling

    Height 24 cm

    Marks: “К. ФAБЕРЖЕ”; two-headed eagle – Russian Empire coat of arms; the Imperial Court supplier; tee and certification mark of Moscow district Assay office in 1899-1908


    Pear-shaped pitcher faceted with geometrical ornament, comprised of notches, with silver throat rim with spout, hinged lid and handle, designed in the Historism style. Upper and bottom parts of smooth ring-shaped rim are decorated with forge-rolled frieze with foliage and geometric patterns. The spout is emphasized with acanthus leaf. The hinged lid top is ornamented with concave ornament. Pine cone-shaped grip is fixed to the hinged lid upper part; the lid edge is decorated with a stripe of round beads. Geometrical handle is adorned with stylized Lictor's rod, smoothly merging into acanthus leaves at the junction of the handle with the body.