Russian Metal Artworks

Honey pot with detachable lid

    Honey pot with detachable lid

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    Late 19th century

    A.Kuzmichev bronze and silverware factory

    Silver; casting, carving, gilding, repousse, niello

    Height 11.5 cm, diameter 8.6 cm

    Marks: of the factory – “AK”, “AИK”; Moscow city mark with alloy “84”; St. George the Victorious on horseback; “MADE FOR TIFFANY&CO” – the inscription, indicating that the item was made for the American firm "Tiffany"


    Silver honey pot, gilded inside, made in the Russian style in the form of wooden barrel tied by hoops in the upper and lower parts, with detachable flat lid and staple-shaped handle. The pot body is decorated with carving imitating wood texture, alternating with niello foliage-geometric pattern on a repousse background. The lid is decorated in the same style.