Russian Metal Artworks

Paired decanters

    Paired decanters

    Russian Empire, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg


    Fabergé firm, Imperial Glass factory

    Silver, transparent colourless glass; engraving, polishing casting, gilding, chasing

    Height 32 cm

    Height 32 cm (every single) Mark of the firm “К.ФАБЕРЖЕ”; two-headed eagle, tee and certification mark of Moscow District Assay department in1899-1908; inv. No “18160”


    Transparent colourless glass paired decanters with silver throats’ rims, spouts, hinged lids and ornately shaped handles. Glass baluster-shaped decanters’ bodies are decorated "in the rock crystal style" - with polished engraved images of fancy birds and flowers.

    Cylindrical rims are adorned in the Neoclassical style with foliage ornament and medallions with the monograms engraved inside, which suspended on bows. Bell-shaped lids are decorated with acanthus leaves and have grips in the form of the stylized cones. Inscriptions are on the lateral surfaces of ornately shaped handles ending with the stylized acanthus leaves at the bottom.