Russian Metal Artworks

Fruit bowl

    Fruit bowl

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver, crystal; faceting, forge-rolling, chasing, casting

    32.0 x 20.0 x 20.0 cm

    Marks: “К.ФАБЕРЖЕ”; two-headed eagle – the Russian Empire coat of arms; mark of the Imperial Court supplier, tee of Moscow city Assay department "Л.О/1896" (assay master L. Olex, 1890-1896); alloy “84”, Moscow city coat of arms, inventory No. 1814


    Crystal vase in the form of roundish bowl with high flange and scalloped edges, faceted with geometrical pattern, is on the Historism style silver base. The base is comprised of four feet-stands, in the form of fluted columns, ending with hooves on the socle. The feet-stands connect the ring-shaped base; the center is emphasized with a weight, with the ring-shaped socle on four spherical feet. The base surface is decorated with braids and rosettes; the socle surface- with rosettes and laurel wreath belt with ribbons. In the center, The "feet- columns" in the center are connected by ring with meander ornament.