Russian Metal Artworks

Paired decanters

    Paired decanters

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver, crystal; faceting, casting, gilding, forge-rolling

    Height 28 cm

    Marks: “К.ФАБЕРЖЕ”; two-headed eagle – The Russian Empire coat of arms; mark of the Imperial Court supplier, certification marks of Moscow District Assay Department of 1908-1917; “91” (alloy), illegible marks for items imported to Europe; inventory numbers "34220", "34221"


    Paired crystal decanters are spherical, faceted with ovals with star-shaped pattern, with spouts and necks in silver settings, flap lids and ornately shaped handles in the Neoclassic style. Smooth ring-shaped lower part of the neck setting is decorated with the braid and hanging laurel garlands with intertwined ribbons that is attached to the bottom part. The upper edge of the setting is adorned with the row of pearl-shaped beads. The central part, except emphasized by the concave ornament spout, is smooth and décor free. The flap lid top is decorated with concave geometrical ornament; acanthus cone-shaped grip is attached to it. Smooth curved handle external side is decorated with stylized Lictor's rods and complemented by cast knob "suspended" to the handle.