Russian Metal Artworks

Money-box with lock, key and a coin

    Money-box with lock, key and a coin

    Russian Empire, Tula

    The 1850s

    Svetchnikov Ivan

    Steel, tin, brass, copper; forging, notching

    Height - 6.5 cm, diameter - 6.7 cm

    Marks: on the underside of the money-box bottom “Т.И. СВЕЧНИК”


    Steel, cylindrical moneybox with a hinged lid, a loop and an eyelet for the lock. The hinged lid with low rounded flange and oblong slot in the center is decorated with notched flower bouquets. The images of hanging lush flower garlands are on the body. The moneybox bank is locked by padlock with key.
    Copper two-kopecks coin of 1797 (reign of Paul I) is inside the money-box.