Russian Metal Artworks

Pair of single-candle candlesticks

    Pair of single-candle candlesticks

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg


    Hjalmar Armfeldt workshop, Fabergé firm

    Silver; casting, presswork, gilding

    20.6 x 10.4 x 10.3 cm

    Mark of the firm “CF”; mark of the workshop “ЯА”; alloy number “88”; British import marks of 1913 with alloy number "925"


    Paired vermeil single-candle candlesticks with tetrahedral stem, expanding upward, on square base with ornately shaped edge, with vase-shaped candle cup with the lipped edge. Each candlestick stem is decorated with the Neoclassical onlay composition comprised of cornucopia, torch and image of a swan and laurel wreath on four sides. Smooth base is adorned with flower rosette onlay, belts of holly, laurel with intertwined ribbons and meander. The candle cup smooth surface is decorated with meander belt and four onlay stylized flowers (lotus?); the lipped edge is corrugated.