Russian Metal Artworks

Custody (Latin: Custodia, a box for seal)

    Custody (Latin: Custodia, a box for seal)

    Russian Empire

    Second half of the 18th century

    Silver; chasing, gilding

    Height - 2.1 cm; diameter - 13.9 cm


    Silver custody, gilded, in the form of a round box with slightly convex detachable lid, with apertures for a cord in lateral sides. The lid is decorated with the chased image of the Russian Empire state coat of arms framed by a laurel wreath. Custody is a box for storing wax seal attached to the document. Similar boxes became widespread in Russia since the late 17th century; silverware artisans in Moscow and Petersburg manufactured them. The custody for storing a state seal, presented in the museum Collection, stylistically refers to the time of the Empress Catherine II reign.