Russian Metal Artworks

Portable inkpot in the authentic box

    Portable inkpot in the authentic box

    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm

    Silver, glass, leather, ruby; casting, presswork, chasing, gilding

    8.9 х 9.4 х 9.4 cm

    Marks: "К.ФАБЕРЖЕ"; two-headed eagle; identification mark and tee of Moscow District Assay office 1899-1908 with silver alloy "84"; Inventory No "22109"


    Silver inkpot, gilded inside, of cuboidal shape, with a hinged lid and a snap shutter, with glass bulb inside. The smooth surface of the inkpot is decorated with the Neoclassic style onlay details in the form of four-petalled rosette, stylized palmettas, with a bow of an oval medallion framed by laurel branches, located on the hinged lid and front panel. A round precious stone-ruby insert that serves as a lock button complements the bow. Glass bulb with silver gilt rim and a hinged lid is inside the inkpot. The inkpot is enclosed in the leather box.
    Similar portable inkpots tanks, called “travelling” or "marching" were particularly popular in the second half of the 19th century, which was associated with the development of railway transport.