Russian Metal Artworks

Cruet-stand with two bottles

    Cruet-stand with two bottles

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    1908-1917 (support stand)

    N. Zverev silverware workshop

    Silver, glass; casting, presswork, embossing, metal chasing, repousse (pointillé), gold-plating, painting

    Support stand: 28.5 х 22.2 х 11.0 cm; the bottles' height: 15.5 cm

    Marks on support stand: "НЗ"; tee of Moscow District Assay department 1908-1917 with silver alloy "84"


    Set for spices, consisting of silver support stand and two glass bottles of ovoid shape with silver settings of the neck and detachable lids. The bottles' bodies are decorated with the images of stylized leaves and buds, executed with gold and black paint on colourless and white backgrounds. The bottles are inserted in right-angle frame with rounded lateral edges on support stand on four feet in the form of hooves, with two "slots" and vertical grip in the center. Supporting stands are decorated with mascarons surrounded by foliage ornament and narrow decorative belts depicting palmettas; the grip is rezlized in the form of two dolphins with intertangled tails. Silver decoration is in the Neo Classical style.