Russian Metal Artworks

Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Russia, Moscow

    Glass holder - 1874; Glass - the 19th century

    Gubkin's gold and silverware factory (glass holder)

    Silver, glass; casting, cutting-out, engraving, gold plating, mounting

    Glass holder - 12 cm high. Glass - 15 cm high

    Marks: "SG", "IK/1874", "84", Moscow city emblem; tee of Saint-Petersburg Assay department of the Soviet period with silver alloy "875"


    Hexagon glass holder on a profiled circular belled-out base, with a bent handle, made in the Russian style. The glass holder body in the form of three stylised peasant log houses, with triangle roofs with accolades and valances, with plated doors with triangle fore-roofs and steps. All houses are joint by stylised cut-out gates (fence). The bent handle of the glass holder imitates a tree with leaves.