Russian Metal Artworks

Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Glass holder with glass (built up)

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Glass holder - 1873. Glass - second quarter of the 19th century

    A.F. Seppyanen's silver and gold manufactory

    Silver, colored glass; casting, punchwork, engraving, gold plating, painted enamel, painting, cutting out

    Glass holder:13.2 х 13.7 х 9.8 cm; diameter - 7.9 cm

    Marks: "AS", "IE / 1873", "84", emblem of Saint-Petersburg


    Octahedral glass holder on slightly raised octagonal base, on four feet, with ornately shaped handle, made in the Russian style. The glass holder base and bottom edge are finished by narrow fretted ribbon. The feet are in the form of the stylised flat horses with fretted pattern standing on hemispheres. Each side of the octagonal body is finished with a triangle cornice with the fretted edging and decorated with plated or carved images of ornately shaped casings. Two sculptural busts of young peasants - a man and a woman, the enamel image the Saint-Petersburg emblem are in the casing “windows”. The "windows" are ornamented with ribbon-shaped vignettes. Ornately shaped handle is decorated with the fretted geometric pattern.