Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Service wine glasses with detachable lids

    Service wine glasses with detachable lids

    Russian Empire, Penza province, Gorodishchensky district, Nikolskoe village

    Early 19th century

    Nikolsko-Pestrovsky Bakhmetev factory

    Transparent colourless glass; blowing, grinding, painting with gold

    13.1 x 5.0 x 5.0 cm (each)


    Glasses made of transparent colourless glass with helmet-shaped cups, short stems with round bases, on square socles with detachable lids with grips. All wine glasses are decorated with similar type of frieze-shaped antique looking pattern with the image of meander and olive branch wreath, painted with gold and placed along the upper edge. The lower part is finished with wide flat vertical facets with oval coronation (“petal” facet). Each facet is framed in gold and complemented with golden "strokes" (“touches”). Lids with spherical gilded grips are adorned with frieze-shaped painting with meander and olive branches.