Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Decanter with stopper

    Decanter with stopper

    Russian Empire, Petrograd


    Imperial Porcelain and Glass factories

    Translucent colorless glass; blowing, grinding, engraving

    Height 26 cm

    Marks: the initials of Emperor Nicholas II - "H II" beneath the Imperial crown and the date "1915"


    Pear-shaped decanter made of colorless transparent glass, with low neck with trumpet, a flat spout and two decorative cylinders, on cone-shaped base, with friction-fitted stopper with conical top. The decanter surface is decorated with the band of stylized lilies, executed in the matte engraving technique; four-petal flowers on a long stem with leaves are between them. The decanter body lower part and neck are emphasized with the freeze of zigzags. The base upper part and spout are ornamented with the belt of optic lenses. Zigzag belt on matte background and "notches" decorated The stopper crown is decorated with zigzag belt on matte background.