Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Tumbler with detachable lid and glass holder

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1920-1830s

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent red glass, bronze; blowing, grinding, faceting, knurling, silver and gold painting

    19.0 x 17.1 x 14.5 cm (assembled)


    Cylindrical tumbler of dark red ("ruby") translucent glass, with detachable bronze lid with grip, in bronze glass holder. The glass body is finished with smoothly polished low vertical rectangular reliefs, emphasized by thin vertical gold lines and decorated with foliage patterns’ ornament - S-shaped shoots with leaves, painted in gold and silver. Multiple-beam rosette is on the bottom. Protruding ring-shaped lips’ edge with smooth bevel is emphasized by gold rim.

    Vermeil bronze glass holder, in the Empire style is comprised of round base that is mounted on three feet-paws with low side and lipped flange, enveloping rings with medallion and handle in the form of curved snake. The base external surface is decorated with "trellis mesh"; friezes of lozenges and stylized lotus flowers. The enveloping ring is adorned with acanthus leaves belt and complemented by gilded bronze semi-ovals located on both sides. The medallion is made in the form of Putti; holding bunches of grapes in the hand. The Empire style gilded bronze lid is decorated with the belt of stylized palmettes along the edge, with the embossed images of leaves and fruits, emphasizing the relief pine cone-shaped grip.