Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Mustard jar from the Bakhmetevs service

    Mustard jar from the Bakhmetevs service

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1940-1890s

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Transparent, colourless crystal glass, silver; blowing, grinding, faceting, niello, forge-rolling, gilding, presswork

    Jar: height 12.1 cm, diameter 6.9 cm. Spoon: 13.0 (length)


    Cone-shaped jar of colourless translucent crystal with narrow shoulders merging into short throat, on two-stepped round base, with silver detachable lid and spoon. The jar body is decorated with the Bakhmetevs’ facet, comprised of oblique smoothly polished low vertical reliefs ("bamboo") with oval "lenses" and "stars", framed below and above by the frieze of truncated pyramidal elements ("stone" or "strawberry diamond"). The jar base is notched. Silver, gilded inside lid is decorated with spoon-shaped sections and belt with the embossed image of floral decor. Silver spoon with round smooth cup and stem ends with small cone on the end.