Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Dessert vase

    Dessert vase

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Middle of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Colourless, translucent crystal; blowing, grinding, faceting, polishing

    Vase: height 28 cm; length 28.8 cm Base: height 19 cm, length 17.5 cm


    Colourless translucent crystal vase is comprised of hemispherical bowl with scalloped edge, and cone-shaped hollow base (pedestal) with faceted "apple". The bowl surface is decorated with frieze type composition in the shape of relief wavy elements with smoothly grinded and polished surface. Eight round medallions with large flowers, in the matte engraving technique are framed by wavy elements. Similar frieze, comprised of four medallions with flowers adorns the vase base bottom part. The base central part is faceted with “steps” and composition of ten large leaves with the surface processed by diagonal notching that ends in the upper part.