Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Vase painted in the Russian style

    Vase painted in the Russian style

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1870s

    Imperial Glass Factory, supposedly, upon the project of architect Victor Hartmann (1834-1873)

    Translucent green glass blowing, polychrome (coloured) enamel; painting, painting with gold

    Height 34.5 cm


    Pear-shaped vase of dark green glass, with bell-shaped throat on round base. The vase bottom and top surfaces are decorated with polychrome enamel images of the geometric patterns’ belts "in the style of peasant embroidery", comprised of zigzags, cross-stitch, chain stitch and ornamental scallops. The vase body central part is adorned with point anthropomorphic images .The base and the throat are emphasized with golden "layer". The painting is by gold, red-brown, white and light blue enamels.