Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Late 19th century

    Carl Albrecht gold and silverware factory, Imperial Porcelain and Glass factories,

    Glass, silver; engraving, grinding, casting

    Height 17.7 cm, Marks “K.A“, “84”, Saint-Petersburg coat of arms


    Pitcher in the Art Nouveau style, made from colourless transparent glass, with spherical body, on ring-shaped base, with wide throat and handle, with silver rim, spout and hinged lid with thumb ramp. The body bottom part is decorated with rows of oval lenses imitating wind-roughened water, the upper part is decorated with realized in the technique of matte engraving images of reed leaves, water lilies with leaves and flowers, and sitting on a willow branch birds descending to the water surface. The throat is decorated with engraved stylized plant shoot with water lily leaves. Ring-shaped rim and the lid with thumb ramp are smooth and décor free.