Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art



    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Second quarter of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Transparent colorless crystal, bronze; blowing, faceting, grinding, casting, knurling, gilding, mounting

    Height 14.8 cm, the edge diameter 8.0 cm, the base diameter 10.8 cm


    Cylindrical colourless transparent crystal mug with bronze “spanning” belts of the top and of the lower parts, with the hinged lid with grip, with handle. The mug bottom is cut with embossed pluripetalous thick facet that makes the base ornately shaped; the body is ornamentally faceted, lozenges with stylized rosettes inside and “half petals” with sharp ends, filled with fine mesh pattern. The mug bronze rim is comprised of two narrow hoops, fastened together by ornately shaped handle that is adorned with embossed foliage (floral) ornament. The handle is designed in the form of curved stem with leaves (in the lower part) and flowers (in the upper part). The stepped hinged lid is decorated with ornamental belts in the form of flowers (along the edge) and leaves (in the center); the grip is in the form of smooth cast pinecone.