Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Dessert vase from the Bahmetiev's set

    Dessert vase from the Bahmetiev's set

    Russia, St. Petersburg (?)


    Imperial Glass factory (?)

    Glass; carving, polishing

    Height 22 cm; chalice diameter - 28.7 cm


    Dessert vase consists of two parts, made of transparent colourless crystal. The upper part is in the form of hemispherical chalice and is placed on conical hollow base (the so-called "pedestal"). Both parts are connected by a bolster. The ornament is presented by smoothly polished low oval vertical (bowl) or horizontal (base) reliefs (the so-called "bamboo") with oval "lenses" and "asterisks". They are framed by frieze of truncated pyramidal elements ("stone" or "strawberry diamond") on top and bottom.

    The base is completed by a composition, similar to the crown of ten large leaves, its surface treated with a diagonal notch.