Russian Glass Art and Ceramic Art

Dessert vase

    Dessert vase

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    Second third of the 19th century

    Imperial Glass Factory

    Translucent colorless (amethyst shade) crystal; blowing, grinding, faceting, carving

    Height 21.4 cm, diameter 24.2 cm


    Dessert vase, consisting of two parts is made of colourless translucent crystal with light amethyst shade. Hemispherical bowl-shaped upper part with scalloped edge and bush is placed on the cone-shaped hollow base. The vase surface bottom part is decorated with curly single-row frieze "bamboo leaves", located against the background of small "pyramidal diamond" ("simple diamond" or "pineapple facet"), and the belt of large "simple diamond" ("pyramidal diamond" or "pineapple facet") in the bottom part. Cone-shaped base is adorned with the moulding of large "simple diamond", "stepped" facet and completed with the composition in the form of cut leaves, processed with diagonal notch.